Wildfire Timber

Wildfire TimberWildfire cleanup has yielded a plentiful supply of beautiful Ponderosa Pine lumber, timbers, vigas, logs and poles ideal for timber frame, southwestern and rustic cabin construction. These Ponderosa Pine trees are "Necessity Cut” trees part of Fire Road Hazard Removal projects and Forest maintenance programs.

This is harvested Ponderosa Pine timber with unspecified moisture content which should be given time to dry thoroughly before use in applications where shrinkage or movement may be an issue. This wildfire harvested Ponderosa pine timber is dead standing natural pine timber from the forests of New Mexico, that has been tagged as Necessity Cut. These logs are 100% natural knotty Ponderosa pine with all of its natural qualities and beauty.

Some of this fire harvested Necessity Cut pine timber has begun accumulating unique characteristics such as bluing, mineral discolorations and beetle holes associated with wildfire standing timber. These natural characteristics add beauty and charm to rustic decor and do not detract from their structural strength

Wildfire Timbers and Vigas can be purchased from Southwest Building Supply.